Ford Mustang GT V8 2011-14 MaxxECU PRO


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Ford Mustang GT V8 2011 – 2014 MaxxECU PRO Plugin STANDARD

MaxxECU PRO is a product developed from the ground up to be flexible, reliable and fast. MaxxECU gives the user complete engine control! 

  • Built-in MAP-sensor for boost pressure up to 3 bar (400Kpa)
  • Super fast and reliable USB communication between ECU and PC
  • MDash Android app over bluetooth
  • Injectors can be replaced with optional high or low impedance
  • No change in the vehicle’s original system needs to be done
  • Can be upgraded with additional connectors to measure up to 12 Type-K sensors

MaxxECU PRO plugin for Mustang GT V8, 2011 – 2014 (Coyote 5.0) E-Throttle. 

  • The air mass meter is removed and replaced with MaxxECUs internal MAP sensor
  • Controls AC, tachometer and other instrumentation in the CAN network
  • Uses the car’s two OEM Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband oxygen sensors.
  • Control E-Throttle, EVAP and other control valves.
  • ABS speeds from the CAN in MaxxECU
  • TC button for activation / deactivation of MaxxECU Traction system